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Οι Lucky Funeral στο Mood Radio

Οι Lucky Funeral στο Mood Radio
Lucky Funeral formed in 2007. At the beginning as a stoner band and after a few changes in their line up they eventually combined a mixture of influences such as metal, grunge, sludge etc. Having already released two full length albums, a demo, a promo, two 7’’ split vinyls and have also completed three headline european tours, two tours in Greece, one of those with Nightrage, they signed a contract with the French Trendkill Recordings in November of 2010.

Lucky Funeral have performed more than 120 live shows during the last 4 years and have share the stage with bands such as Pentagram, Clutch, Eyehategod,Orange Goblin, Kylesa, Church Of Misery, Tankard, Nightrage, Septic Flesh, Monarch!, Nightstalker, Psycho Choke, Dark Castle, Spice and the RJ Band…

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Αργύρης Χατζηαργυρόπουλος & Γιώργος Κοχλιός


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